Shawl of Life Keeping and Death? (And an arcanist exploit question)

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According to the write up on this wondrous item from Ultimate Equipment, "This magical shawl is woven from silken, diaphanous material. Once per day, the wearer can speak a command word to transfer some of her life energy into the shawl (up to 10 hit points). If she is wearing the shawl and is reduced to –1 hit points or below, the shawl immediately heals her an amount equal to the number of hit points stored in the shawl. This healing cannot prevent the wearer from being killed. The life energy stored in the shawl lasts for 24 hours or until it heals the wearer, whichever comes first. If the shawl is destroyed, the stored life energy is lost."
Sounds pretty awesome, so I happily got one for my magus-like inspired blade 1/blade adept 3. My issue is that I'm not sure how "death" will work with this item. If you drop below 0, it "immediately" heals you the 10 points. My question, then, is about falling when killed. Generally, dropped below 0 means falling and therefore being prone when you are healed. Since the healing is described as happening "immediately," would I still fall?

As a follow-up, one of my arcanist exploits is dimension slide. If I were to be prone, could I teleport to another spot without standing, or would I need to stand first. It is not described as a 5 foot step, but rather, "This counts as 5 feet of movement." Wasn't sure how to interpret that for mechanics of game movement.

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Dropping/falling is a free action, the shawl is most likely an immediate action or at least equivalent to it. So in my opinion, you still fall then heal.

As for the arcanist exploit, yeah you can use abilities, swing weapons or cast spells while prone, so it is not a problem to use dimensional slide.

Okay, that makes some sense.
I'm assuming while doing dimensional slide from prone, I'd pop up wherever I slide to also prone, or can I "poof" there standing?

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it doesnt say anything about having you changing position, so most likely still prone.

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