What tier for mythic Force of Will ?

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On Mythic Adventures, the base mythic abilities chapter lists Force of Will as a 6th tier power on the table, while the power description lists it as a 7th tier power.
What is the correct tier?


If you ask me for a source, I can't give one; but if you don't get Force of Will at 6th, you don't get any abilities (just a stat) at 6th which seems strange. Surge d10 happens at 7th, since it's given at 1st and every three following.

That's also what I think, but that can be argued, since both entries could be legitimate.
This text should be corrected in errata and future printings.
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I know this a late reply but I got a chance to look at an original printing of the Mythic Adventures hard copy and it list 6th tier in both the table and the ability description.

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