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There is no school like the old school!

Late Night Swords and Wizardry with grognard GM Bill Webb of Frog God Games. Travel back to the dawn of the game where character generation took 2 minutes (which is good, because you die a lot!), there was no such thing as a spot check, dwarves and elves were classes, not just races, and a +1 sword was a wonder!

This is the 5th year in a row that Bill has run an event of this type, and the third year where its been the late night affair. This year expect a dungeon crawl adventure where you better bring your imagination and your thinking cap.

Starting at 9 pm and ending at 3 am (or later). Number of players is capped at 12 (plus invited guests for a total of 20 players). Bring dice and miniatures. This year there will be 2 sessions (Saturday and Sunday nights).

You can roll up characters at the table. Rules will generally follow those in Swords and Wizardry Complete and Bill Webb's book of Dirty Tricks (available at the Paizo store--and the rulebook pdf is free!). All character generation is 3d6 in order, although stats cap at +1/-1 on bonus and penalty, and are thus, mostly irrelevant.

Bill's games are well known for having high fatality rates and extremely difficult puzzles and traps. If you play in both sessions, experience points and treasure carry over to the next night. If you have a character from last year's "Character Killing Session" event (or bring yours from this year next year), the same applies.

You never know who might show up at Bill's table. There are occasional special guests with names you just may have heard before. Games start promptly at 9:30 pm (9:00 if you need a character), and run until Bill falls over. Kids are welcome (there will be 3-4 there already), as long as they can handle the time of night and have basic skills.

Publisher, Frog God Games

ps--if you die--you can just roll up a new character and rejoin after a few minutes!

Ooh, I hope I'm able to take part. Always a blast!

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Sounds like a blast!

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Looking forward to some Swords & Wizardry action as always!

Publisher, Frog God Games

Grt brave and ready to run! This year will be puzzling!

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Kill 'em good, Bill!

-Greg R.

It seems a year cannot go by where I don't lose my sheet from the previous year's Bill Webb game. In this case, the real loss is my halfling fighter, who'd acquired some cool loot from a dragon's horde (as well as some clothes, I hope!) during the session. She might've actually been from two years ago, now that I think about it.

Assuming I make it into one of the two games—and here's hoping!—I guess I'll be making a new sheet again. Scoured my papers from top to bottom. Many a PC of mine has perished by my own terrible organizational skills.

Publisher, Frog God Games

Kobold. If you can mostly re create, I think I know what the loot is.

Stats are irrelevant anyway, so just reroll. Everyone who lived through character killing session (the dragon one) is level 2 plus 1 xp. That was two years ago.

This year one of the games will be very thinking related. Traps, combat, of course. But get your noggins tuned up.

I can take the first 15 or so players. I'll have a few invited guests as well, so 20 players is about right. I need to remind our lovely hostess Sara Marie to segregate us, as it gets pretty loud, and we do tend to frighten the general population.

If folks can bring extra battle mats that would rock. A couple areas are quite large in this years game.

Prizes will be solid this year.

Everyone can free download the rules here or at our website. Book of Dirty Tricks you gotta buy or wait for my copy at the table. The biggest thing is max plus or minus 1 for stats, so 18 str is the same as 13 str. player skill is all.

Oh, and all hand weapons do 1d6, wizard weeps are 1d6 minus one and two handed plus 1.

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OOOh, I will have to try to get in on one of these!

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Was super-great yet again. My buddy and I made it to all 3 sessions and really can't recommend these game sessions enough. They don't really conflict with much so there's almost no reason to miss it. Priesty Boy will see you all again next year(assuming Bill runs it again).

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