Equipment for Bolt Ace (WoR)


We just hit level 6, gained our mythic tier, got a bunch of ammo and raided a secret armory, and now have some funds to go shopping and equip ourselves with.

GM allowed me proficiency with all exotic crossbows, so I've got non-magical Crank, Launching, and Stonebow crossbows in the bag of holding, and my main weapon is a +1 Heavy Crossbow with a Light spell attached to it (my character is the only practicing Iomedaen in the party, so I've triggered a number of moments of divine assistance, apparently).

All Paizo sources allowed (no 3p); currently have 11000gp to spend, with a price cap of 4000 per item. Definitely planning on a Belt of Incredible Dexterity, but open to other suggestions. Thanks. (:

ETA: I should probably also mention that I have the Child of the Crusades trait, and am entering the Marshal mythic path. Looking at gaining a Legendary item as my first mythic ability.

From the sounds of it, your character is gonna awesome! Love how you went marshal instead of champion!
My items suggestions are as follows:

- Special material bolts (adamantine, etc. You especially want cold iron for pesky demons)
- best armor you can get (you still get targeted, even more if you are seen as a major damage source, which you probably are).
- good buckler, since you can use it with a crossbow at no penalty
- items that give you more grit (don't remember names, but they are good to have for more uses/day)
- items to boost saves (you are high damage. if charmed, you threaten whole party).

Scarab Sages

Bracers of Falcons aim. If they are legal they are the best item for any bow/crossbow user.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsbo)

Seconding Bracers of Falcons aim; they are incredibly powerful if you're primarily a crossbow user.

A quick-runners shirt is nice to have if you need to occasionally move into position and still full-attack. In a similar vein, Sandals of Quick Reaction or Featherstep Slippers both help with mobility as well.

If you have any ranks in UMD, a wand of Abundant Ammunition could come in handy; it doesn't effect magical ammuntion, but can effect bolts of special material such as adamantine, or alchemical bolts.

Weapon Blanches can work out cheaper than specific materials, and might be easier to carry around a few back-ups of and prep them before you need them. Still invest in adamantine bolts though, to get through hardness.

I'd also see about investing in a few quivers of alchemical bolts(from the Alchemy Manual). Some particularly handy ones are:

  • Raining bolts. The damage of a normal bolt, plus a direct hit from a holy water flask. Great for undead or demons, and at only an extra 5 gold over a regular flask, too. There is a -2 hit penalty, however.
  • Tangleshot bolts. Doesn't deal damage but acts as a mini tanglefoot bag. Handy for long range snaring or just pelting so many they're bound to fail the save.
  • Splintercloud bolts. A small bit of AoE piercing damage, in addition to normal damage. Not particularly note-worthy, but doesn't hurt to have, either. Might be handy against swarms in a pinch?

There's a few others and you can find them under the craft skill on the PFSRD, oddly enough.

I haven't read it yet, but the Ranged Tactics Toolbox should have some handy gear in it.

Baby Ninja Bear wrote:

Re: Alchemical bolts
There's a few others and you can find them under the craft skill on the PFSRD, oddly enough.

Found it, "Alchemical Archery" section. (:

Thanks for all the advice so far! Anything I should know about Intelligent and/or Legendary items? Still taking that under consideration.

For armor, is mithril chain shirt my best bet, or should I stick with something that allows a higher DEX bonus?

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