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Anyone still playing this? I know it's been out of print for a few years, but I hadn't played it since it came out, and I remembered it being quite good. I recently got the craving to play again and through various lot auctions on ebay managed to get about 3300 cards for about 6¢ per card.

I'm just curious what kind of popularity and means of play that the game still has these days.

Could be time to start pitching the idea of a rebooted game to Onyx Path. Do it like AEG did the Doomtown Reloaded game, turn it into more of a living card game than a collectible card game, players buy a base set and any expansions they want, then build decks from within that.

Given that Onyx Path appears to like Kickstarter a lot, they could probably run it through there and determine if there's enough interest that way.

We played both jyhad and vtes quite a bit back in the day. Rage too. I have an absolute mountain of the jyhad and vtes cards. Haven't played in years as no one else plays anymore.

Seriously if anyone is interested in what I have, even if it's just a specific card, PM me.

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Actually, VTES is still actively played world-wide, and there is a player-run organization that actively supports it with digital sets that can be freely printed and played. You can find it (as well as a list of players) here: - enjoy!

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