Does anyone do random item tables for PC treasure and have any fun stories to tell?

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Because I certainly do!

As part of a joke adventure once that was designed solely as a murderhobo run, I let ALL treasure PCs found be random rolls.

Well, imagine my surprise when someone rolled a Feather Token, Chaos Emerald, Cape of Flying, Ring of Protection +3, AND an Orb of Storms, all at 1st level early on in the campaign!

If I hadn't rolled so high on the encounter table, which made a templated Shambling Mound appear, that would have been quite a fun adventure to 'finish' and by that I mean get to the last room, beat the last randomly-generated enemy, and open the treasure chest full of randomly generated magic items.

Good times with random table rolls in dungeon crawls, good times! :)

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I was in a 1st/2nd edition game with a DM who was one of those 'you are stuck with whatever you roll' types, which, in my case, always seemed to have the caveat 'unless it's good, then roll again.'

Each party member at the end of the big starting encounter at 1st level got one roll. 1st level psionicist got a +5 longsword (which she 'loaned' to the fighter, indefinitely). 1st level sha'ir/wizard got a ring of djinn summoning (very appropriate!). My cleric of Tyr got a potion of levitation.

'Oh no, you don't get to reroll.'

Later in the game, the same cleric rolls a 16 on the first wondrous item table, which, IIRC (it's been 30 or so years...), was 'Artifact/Relic.'

So my cleric was about to be *styling* in the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd (because, even as the DM was already shaking his head and saying, 'roll again,' I was rolling to see *which* Artifact/Relic I wasn't going to get).

Sadly, it turned into a necklace of fireballs, or something.

That's pretty much my history with 'random' rolls (of any sort, not just treasure). It sucks? You own it, no exceptions. It's awesome? Roll again, you can't have that.

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Man, I love random loot tables.

For stories...well, back in 3e there was the 'mundane item' chart, that was contained as a part of randomly generated loot.

I keep coming up with cheap little statues and crowbars.

The party was getting so many 5cp duck statues and crowbars, that they started to conclude their purpose was sinister. As I had a villain whose power was running off of memetic assumptions of his own power, I figured what the hell. Turns out that the 5cp duck statues that everyone had were sinister. They were sinister only because people assumed they were sinister, and by assuming there was an evil conspiracy, they empowered the guy who released them for the sole purpose of making people think there was an evil conspiracy behind duck statues.

I really miss mundane items on the pathfinder loot charts.

Another fun Pathfinder one was the amount of totally nonsensical loot they sometimes generate. A party once ran across some anarchic sianghams and wondered where in the world there was a chaotically aligned monk.

And of course there was the treasure generated for a villain of lets say, questionable relationship ethics which randomly generated a few scrolls of unnatural lust and an immovable rod.

A random pull on the 3.5 chart got a mummy's hoard that contained fire resistance items. Which I immediately put on the mummy.

On a more awesome note, in Pathfinder I randomly rolled up a masterwork elven curve blade, resulting in the party rogue entirely refocusing from sneak-thief wannabe spellfilcher to Scout archetype rogue.

I wonder how much of a thing it would be on these boards to do a completely randomized dungeon with completely randomized loot?

I used a random table that dictated what items a magic chest contained whenever it was opened at one time. Had a couple of good items come out of it. But after they rolled a curse that made the chest into a demonic devourer (which ate two PCs) they stopped using it.

Still random stuff can be rather fun. Particularly for players who think there so prepared for anything.

Around level 10 our DM said "ah heck i didn't put some treasure here, heck you can roll"

Snatching up my dice I threw "100!"

"Uh, wondrous item"


"Uh, major one?"



No Mirror of Mental Prowess for me :(

This was the first and only time loot got rolled .

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