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I have a question on how "The Bear's Jig" masterpiece works on an animal companion. The spell awaken breaks the animal companion link, but would the song do the same thing?

1. For example if I wanted to temporarily buff my Tiger animal companion with this, does he suddenly revert to a beastiary Tiger with a bonus 2 HD and stats (potentially making it weaker), or would he be the animal companion he is now (let's arbitrarily say my druid level is 10) with the bonus HD/class level and stats?

2. follow up question. Each time I use this version of awaken can the animal pick a different combo of feats/class levels?

I noticed that the clarification of "ceases to be an animal companion" was clarified in the animal archive rather than the spell, and I wonder if that clarification was only intended to be meaningful to an animal that permanently gained the spell.

The Bear's Jig

The Bear's Jig (String, Wind)

Your music makes animals act like people.

Prerequisite(s) Perform (string) or Perform (wind) 11 ranks.

Cost Feat or 4th-level bard spell known.

Effect When played with skill, this song actually has the power to grant an animal temporary intelligence. Choose a non-hostile animal within line of sight that can see and hear you perform. This masterpiece affects the target as the awaken spell for as long as you maintain the performance. Abilities that extend the duration of a bardic performance (such as Lingering Performance) affect this masterpiece.

Use 1 round of bardic performance per round.

Action 1 full round.



You awaken a tree or animal to human-like sentience. To succeed, you must make a Will save (DC 10 + the animal's current HD, or the HD the tree will have once awakened). The awakened animal or tree is friendly toward you. You have no special empathy or connection with a creature you awaken, although it serves you in specific tasks or endeavors if you communicate your desires to it. If you cast awaken again, any previously awakened creatures remain friendly to you, but they no longer undertake tasks for you unless it is in their best interests.

An awakened tree has characteristics as if it were an animated object, except that it gains the plant type and its Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores are each 3d6. An awakened plant gains the ability to move its limbs, roots, vines, creepers, and so forth, and it has senses similar to a human's.

An awakened animal gets 3d6 Intelligence, +1d3 Charisma, and +2 HD. Its type becomes magical beast (augmented animal). An awakened animal can't serve as an animal companion, familiar, or special mount.

An awakened tree or animal can speak one language that you know, plus one additional language that you know per point of Intelligence bonus (if any). This spell does not function on an animal or plant with an Intelligence greater than 2.

Intelligent Animals

Source: Animal Archive

One of the surest ways to complicate the relationship between an adventurer and her animal companion is to cast awaken on the beast. The moment the spell takes effect, an animal companion ceases to be a class feature, and instead becomes a person—an NPC whose Intelligence has increased by 3d6 (potentially making it as smart as or smarter than the caster), and who has an increased Charisma score and knows at least one spoken language.

any thoughts? :)

Given the clear intent, I'd wager that the performance does not revert the animal to its base statistics.

As a basis, the quotes you give never directly state that the animals revert (though that is generally assumed to counter flooding natural habitat with super animals.)

There might have been dev support for reversion, though my phone-google fu is weak.

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