e -4 to AC after an Iaijutsu strike?

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It is my understanding that a full round action takes place just before your next turn. The -4 to AC kicks in AFTER you strike.

So really, when does this penalty kick in? You can't strike until just before your next turn but it says you gain a penalty until your next turn. Which is right after you strike?

Does this actually make the "improvement" of having it become a standard action actually worse? Because it suddenly allows the penalty to take place?

I'm just a little confused about how that all works.

You're thinking of 1 Round casting times on spells.

Full Round Actions merely take your full round to execute. It takes your Move and your Standard together, essentially (though Swift and Free actions can still be used).

When you make the Iaijutsu strike, you take a full round action to make an attack roll. If successful, you add the extra damage. Until your next turn, you suffer a -4 penalty to AC.

When you get to 10th, you only use a standard action to make the attack roll and the AC penalty is reduced to -2, but it still lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Ok so it's basically saying that it's not a full round like a spell is (summoning for example) just that it takes his move and his standard action? So it still just happened all during his initiative?

That makes more sense to me. And he still can take a 5 foot move, correct?

The penalty is a little harsh, given challenge penalties. But hey he has ferocity. He'll be ok. :p

Thank you.

Yes. Full Round and 1 Round are VERY different.

And yes, he can 5 ft. step still. Same as when using the Full Attack Action (another Full Round).

A full-round action is a "complex action". It means it takes both your standard and movement, but happens during your turn. (And it has a hyphen)

A spell with a casting time of 1 round can be cast in two ways. Either you use a "complex action" on turn 1, but the spell isn't cast before turn two (and you can still be interrupted/hit for concentration checks) ; or you can use a standard on turn 1 and on turn two (with no other action in-between, as you are casting the spell)

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