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So I know about improved and greater feint, I also know about two weapon feint and improved two weapon feint. I was wondering if there were other ways to improve feinting aside from improving the skill.

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Since feint is a function of the Bluff skill, almost anything which improves Bluff will improve your feint. So high charisma and magical items which increase charisma and bluff would help a lot.

skill focus, feats and the like

A few teamwork feats.

But ya, improved two weapon feint.

Skill Mastery makes it extremely easy (take 10 on Bluff in combat, so take 10 on a Feint)

Feinting Flurry works a lot like Two Weapon Feint, but I think it works out a little nicer if you can use it.
An Accelerate word of power spell can give you an extra move action. If you use it with Improved and Greater Feint you can use all of a full attack with feint.

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