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Scarab Sages

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

A coupon to get you a memory boost, in favor of the clown?

Also, am i correct this is the place to get a bloody mary sunday on the rocks?

We have as many liquors as we do spirits my fiendish friend. On the rocks, on the rocs, or with fox in sox on rocs on the rocks. As for the coupon, I seem to have forgotten where I put those...hmmm. Let me check with the halflings.

Here IHIYC, try some souls from the magic jar while you wait. They're delicious.

Scarab Sages

Ah, sharing is caring. Very good to see guest enjoying their delights with one another.

Scarab Sages

*uses a total of six souls to conjure a Brainiac, a Tickferno, and an Abomination*

Spiffy! I command you three to do a Marx Brothers routine for us!

Dark Archive

who wants to join a cult of cthulhu no questions asked all are welcome. just a warning do not look at the man in yellow in the corner I warned you.

Dark Archive

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*raises hand*

*Dives into the Infinite Dessert Tray, never to be seen again. Until she is.*

*is at the center of a tropical hurricane burst of half-eaten garbage splattering all over the walls and ground around it, shoveling in stinking refuse into its horror maw, and looking... Happy*

Dark Archive

all halil cthulhu now were did that sultan go I must have offering for my master

Dark Archive

any thing with mi-go and elder thing would work and do you now were I could get a relpic of r'lyeh. oh and Junior Cultist do you want any thing.

I would like new ideas for rump-ointment scent combinations.

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