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Hey, I'm looking for some good third-party sourcebooks with rules for customizing dragons to make them more unique. Any suggestions?

lonewolf23k wrote:
Hey, I'm looking for some good third-party sourcebooks with rules for customizing dragons to make them more unique. Any suggestions?

If you are open to 3rd party, then are you also open to 3.5 material?

The Draconomicon is perfect for this.

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How unique are we talking here?

Unique in what way?

I also recommend this.

I have no link but I would take a look at existing dragons, at traits and feats and give the dragon I want to customize some extras from what I find. Depending on what power level I aim for I might to take other abilities away.

Hissing green acid drips from the fanged maw of this black-scaled, horned dragon.

So black dragons are described as horned but the do not have a gore attack. Perhaps this one individual has lost part of his tail in a fight centuries gone but instead learned to use his horns for a gore attack.

Or you could give him the noxious bite, foreshadowing it by describing how the acid from this particular beast smells unbearably.

Or you take some dragon and give him both the stealthy and the nightstalker trait, suddenly you have a sneaky beast that can hide among his hoard despite his size. This could be folklore, that there is a dragon that appears from nowhere. Perhaps the party thinks he is using invisibility and prepares for it only to be surprised by him just using stealth.

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I recommend also the path of dragon from Legendary Games, you don't need to make the dragon mythic but many of their abilities can be incorporated on a dragon to make them more unique.

The 3.5 Draconomicon had a lot of stuff.

Note that just changing spells, feats, and tactics can make a MAJOR difference in how your players experience the dragon.

If you want Dragons that conjure astral armor, use nightmare attacks, and other psionic goodies then this book is cool

In the Company of Dragons has rules for playing a Dragon 1-20 and is very customizable.

I like giving them class levels. Sorcerer levels stack with their CL, allowing them to progress further without having to add a lot of racial HD and increasing the rest of the stats.

Sage bloodlines and Empyreal bloodlines allow you to swap your casting stat, so you can build a dragon off INT or WIS and have that factor into their personalities.

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wraithstrike wrote:
Unique in what way?

Basically, I want every dragon to be different from the rest. I don't want my players to go "Oh, another Blue Dragon. Prepare the Resist Electricity spells."

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, btw.

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