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I have yet to recieve my OotS book. Should it have arrived already or should I wait another week before demanding blood? Preferably Cosmo's.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Errol

Hi Sharoth,

Thanks for letting us know! I took a look into your account, and it seems that your OotS book was hiding in your sidecart, awaiting your next Planet Stories shipment. Since I don't want you to hold your breath for that, I've gone ahead and moved it into it's own order, and I'll be sure to get it down to our warehouse ASAP. You should receive a shipping confirmation email once it's been processed.

As for Cosmo's blood, we did try to extract some and it did not go well. You know the opening scene of Jurassic Park? It was kinda like that. We do not have any tranquilizer darts strong enough... yet.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have in the meantime, and I'll be more than happy to help. Thanks for your patience!


~sad look~ What? No blood? What about his head on a pike. That would work. ~sighs~ Oh well. I guess the book will just have to do.

Also, thanks for checking into this.

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