Converting Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale


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Hi all,

I'm thinking about converting the 3.5 module Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale to Pathfinder for use in my campaign, and was thinking of using the "hexploration" rules from Ultimate Campaign to make it a bit more interesting. It will need some tweaking (reducing the size of the hexes, and therefore the time it takes to explore one) but I think it would work well.

Has anyone done anything like this? Any tips or suggestions? I'm happy to do the conversion myself, and making up some more encounters to fill the hexes will be fun, but always like to get ideas from other people.


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Dotting for interest in a similar adventure

I think that would be a great idea, due to the massive amount of exploration your PC's can do. I would include some more magical beasts and maybe some other forms of lesser drakes for the party to fight(Bulettes are one of my personal favorites). Some of the hexes could also be natural resources, like the book describes. I would be careful to not bog down the adventure with too many encounters since its time based (unless you don't care, like I didn't when I ran the adventure).

Good luck and Happy Gaming!

I was part of an expedition setting out from Korvosa to build a trade route through the Bloodsworn Vale in a sandbox Roll20 game.

The DM populated the different portions of the Vale with rival tribes of boggards and hobgoblins with a young dragon in the mix, another section of the Vale was home to a tribe of 2,000 Shoanti bordered on their south with some giants.

It was a great time and we had some fantastic roleplay. Unfortunately, since the DM gave no arching guidance on PC creation and had us do our own backgrounds and goals, many of the PC's making up the party had incompatible and even oppositional short and long term goals.

Plus my availability schedule changed so I had to drop out of the group.

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I was considering doing the same thing for when the current storyline of my "Champions of Old Korvosa" game winds down.

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