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Trying to make a list thats called P.R.I.C.E. that lists players Characters I've played with a specific character. How I intend for it to operate is that at the start of each adventure I Roll a d20 for each player at the table that I haven't already rolled for in the past. Add some conditional modifiers such as highest priced gear bought, class, level, etc,.
So far ive come up with... Pathfinder Rating of Investing Capital Evaluation. Or even... Potential Return of Investments, Capital and Expenses.
Any Idea is welcome. Also welcoming ideas for d20 modifiers other than what I listed. Like do they own a business(Vanity)? +1, Are they a bard? -2.
Its Basically a listing of other player Characters I've played with mine. His name is "The Profit" He's an Occultist, and I'm still playing him because I got that line signed off on the Boon back in November. He summons Human Skeletons to flank, deal damage, spring traps, carry loot, protect worthy investments and etc. He finds his party members either troublesome or Invaluable(Depending on the rolls made for them earlier).
As a guideline during a adventure using a rudimentary method of assessing the value of a party he ignored the Druid going unconscious, because I rolled a 3 for them, but rushed to the aid of the Rogue(17) and the druids animal companion(which I rolled separately a Nat 20). Neglecting to use MY wand on anybody that I rolled less than a 10.
I also plan to have a chart for roll results for how and what I do for that particular character. Such as if they got 15+, extended them use of my equipment such as potions and spell casting. But if they got less than 5 Ignore them till they qualify for a reroll. Like death and raise dead, buying of new equipment thats total worth is higher than a fixed amount(thinking somewhere along the lines of 10k, or 5k increments).
Thanks a lot for any input, even if you don't like the idea.

Sounds interesting, but I think you're going to have to explain this concept a little better if you want decent feedback.

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Paladins who are Really Inside Chaotic Evil
Prices Ranging from Insane to Crazy Expensive

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Is Certainly Expensive.

Party of Random Individuals Created with Ease ?

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Created Easily?

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Doomed Hero wrote:

Sounds interesting, but I think you're going to have to explain this concept a little better if you want decent feedback.

Ok I edited it a little to help elaborate.

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Performance Rating/Interparty Capital Expenditure.

Peer Review/Internal Character Evaluation.


You're using a d20 to assign the value your character sees in other characters?

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Irontruth wrote:
You're using a d20 to assign the value your character sees in other characters?

Yes. with conditional Modifiers.

Peer Review In Case of Emergency.

Pizza Rolls Increase Chance of Effectiveness.

Please Remember to Include my Character in Events.

Painful Reminders... I Cannot Elaborate.

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Predicting Returns In Critical Endeavors?

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Pork, Rice, Ice Cream, Cake and Enchiladas

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Perhaps Roleplay Instead of Counting Excessively?

Party Ratings - Individual Character Evaluation

...which might also be modified by their associated C.O.S.T.S. (Chance of Surviving This Shi- er, Stuff) :)


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Sounds awful. If only because of your specific druid/rogue example. Please expound on that more. Did the druid and rogue go down at the same time? Was the rogue unconscious, too? If only the druid had been in trouble, would you have still aided him even though you rolled a 3 since no one else was in immediate danger?

So, if I'm reading this right... you're going to randomly decide which party members to help or abandon at any given time? With modifiers based on how much stuff they have?

I think the acronym is going to be the least of your concerns.

Prepare for Retribution In Case this Explodes.

Pretty Rude I Cannot Endorse

I personally assign PC value base on good old interaction..and not decide my actions with dice..LOL

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Perpetual Ridiculious Increasingly Caustic Experience.

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Prejudged Roleplaying Is a Crappy Excuse.


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