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The year was 2009 and I was constantly amused by the crazy media revolving around our new president. I came up with a comic strip called Politics and Gaming do not Mix.

The idea was high school D&D club with Obama as a mysterious kid who transfers from another school. None of the students know what school he was transferred from but he has a mysterious K on his letterman's jacket and no one has seen his transcripts.

Now young Barry is stepping in as GM after the previous GM left the game in shambles.

At the table sits Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and Keith Olbermann.

I drew out pages and pages of material and wrote scripts for them but never matched the two an lost most of it during a move.

It some point I'd like to start up a new Politics and gaming strip but I can't imagine a cast of characters as strong and what we had in 2009. Sarah, Keith and Glenn were a treasure trove of comedic material and while they are not gone they are not as prevalent as they were.

Anyway I posted what few of the unfinished pages I had left on my deviant art page. I have more unfinished projects that finished and that is the story of my life.

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Al Gore would be a LARPer.

As yes, Al...

I think Al Gore and Mitt Romney would have been a lot of fun to work with.

Mitt might be one of those gamers who comes to the table with a new character every week. Or maybe he can be talked into switching his opinion on any and every issue. lol

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Mitt and Al strike me as the kids who love to play android and Vulcan PCs, except Mitt is eerily too good at it and never breaks character.

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