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As a 5th level Cavalier (Huntmaster Archetype) I have two hounds who are performing admirably in combat but however currently are outpacing my 20ft move speed. I have decided to take a level in Nature Oracle to gain a mount. Would my Huntmaster feat stop applying to my dogs and now apply to my horse as per the description?

Benefit: If you have the animal companion class feature, pick one of the following types of animal companions that this feat affects: bird, dog, small cat, or horse. If you have the divine bond (mount) or mount class feature, this feat always affects horses.

Looks like it would, unless you say that the feat is locked in once you take it and can't be changed later. Then it's a maybe.

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Why not just take a mount without the divine bond (mount), mount class feature, or as an animal companion? As in buy a horse and putting skill points in ride.

Effective druid levels stack. You can't gain another AC by taking a new class with the AC class feature. The new class just adds to your old class for how strong your existing AC is.

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It stacks unless you choose an AC that is not a legal choice for the other class.

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