Titan Archer?


Kind of a weird idea I've been tossing around. I have a PFS tiefling I played once to make legal, but really wanted to build into a new class. I came up with an idea, but I don't know if it would actually work.
Tieflings have the large hand thing racial trait which gives them a bonus with oversized weapons. Bearing that in mind, I was looking at the titan fighter archetype which would let me use large two-handed weapons (but at a -4 until I get up to level 3 and start dropping the penalty).
Here's the weird part: I'd like to go archer with it. A large sized composite longbow. Then, I'd take a dip into sorcerer or wizard or arcanist to get the gravity bow spell so that it hits like a huge weapon. Of course, I'm really not sure if that's even a legal possibility. It's a two-handed weapon, so it fits in that regard, but I'm not sure if the mechanics would be different for a ranged weapon.
Furthermore, I'm not entirely certain how I'd lay out the stats. Definitely looking for a high dex to overcome the size penalty, but also wanting some strength to help out with the composite bow and the sheer ability to do melee when needed. Then, there'd be a stat consideration for casting.
Thoughts, input, and suggestions would be most welcome.

It's not a two-handed weapon due to extremely specific RAW issues. Two-handed refers only to the weapons in the two-handed tables, not any weapon that needs two hands to use.

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From a purely physical stand point this would probably not work. A normal longbow is around the same length as the person wielding it. Part of the bow is higher than the person because it is held in the middle. So if a medium long bow is about 6’ a large longbow is about 12’. Even if your arms are considered large the rest of your body is not. Your point of aim is still the same as a medium creature. Having the bottom of the bow rest on the ground is going to make aiming it nearly impossible. Also using it in a dungeon environment may also cause problems. Anything with less than a 12’ or higher celling is going to make it impossible to use. I would say you probably need more like 14’.

You could use a composite shortbow for this but the damage for a large shortbow is the same as for a medium longbow.

Composite longbows are the recurve bows of old, which are much shorter than an equivalent longbow when it comes to length of the bow's limbs and draw, which is why they could be used on horseback, unlike the traditional longbow. While it would look silly, having a large sized composite longbow does work with the Tiefling oversized limbs ability (unless someone has an FAQ to prove otherwise), and you should go ahead and use it, if it is allowed by your GM. The bow would be about 6' strung and would function very much like a longbow, I.E I would never allow you in my game to ride a horse and fire it. I used it in a game once, and it wasn't terribly broken.

As for titan fighter, it doesn't work that way, and should never work that way.

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