How much space does a siege engine take up?

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So, there's quite a bit of misunderstanding when it comes to siege engines.

The part I'm currently having issues with is how to represent them in a drawing of a castle.

So, first of all, a Ballista (large) takes up "a space 5 feet across", a light catapult (large) "takes up a space 10 feet across", and a heavy catapult (gargantuan) "takes up a space 15 feet across". For the light catapult, does that mean 5x10 feet? and for the heavy catapult, 5x15? Or are they squares, 10x10 and 15x15?

Then there's a slew of undefined spacing for other siege equipment (all of the ones in ultimate combat). How much space does a large, huge, or gargantuan siege engine take? Does the space include room for the creatures operating the device?

I haven't played in any AP's that involved siege engines. How did they represent them on the battle map or drawing?

i would say based on how the weapons look in reality..(and based upon your stats )
Ballista 5' wide X 10' long
light catapult 10' X 10'
heavy catapult 15' X 15'

and the crew would be gathered about it in their own squares.

or so how I have always drawn them on maps and such.

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Looking into further, a sailing ship (and also a warship) is 20 feet across, but it can have numerous large and even huge weapons on both sides...

>.<, why is it so obfuscated?

As for real life, I've never seen a medieval catapult that was more square than rectangle, hence the confusion.

I try to keep them in the sizing scheme of pathfinder...but in "Reality" very few were ever built to even the same specifications..but yes usually longer than wide. So make your own call. :)

Spacing rules for d20 don't take facing into account. If it's 20' in one direction it's 20' in all directions because it might decide to turn around.

At least, that's what I assume. I don't mess around with vehicles very often.

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