Monte Cook's Banewarrens Conversion


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Hi all! I'm in the process of converting Monte Cook's Banewarrens superdungeon to the Pathfinder system and setting. Banewarrens was built in 3.0 so most of the rules are theoretically compatible; there are definitely some stats and whatnot that do need updating though. More interestingly, I'm trying to convert it to the Golarion setting from its original Ptolus. I'm documenting my process at and would love any input you all have into what I'm doing! Thanks :)

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Are you still working on that conversion stuff?
I want to play Hell's Rebels as my next AP, but want to use Ptolus as the setting.
I am presently in the planning sate, searching the net for conversions...

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I'm wondering if this really needs a great deal of conversion. A few major NPCs might need an extra level or advanced template, but I think it could easily be run more or less as-is in Pathfinder.

I am, in fact, mulling over whether to do just that.

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And hey! Five years later, I'm doing just that, but for 2e.

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