Aasimar Angel of Death (Inquisitor of Urgathoa)


Yep, this guy should be fun to play.
My thought is he's vaguely a cross between the cockiness of Captain Hammer (from Dr. horrible) and the biting wit of Jack Sparrow. He does excess in excess. Yep. Indulging is his favorite form of Urgathoa worship (and generally the carnal pleasures variety of indulgence, but the massive amounts of bloodshed version as well). His backstory will involve his life as a self-sacrificing son of a landowner who sees his spouse cheat on him with a traveling priest of Sarenrae and then he grabs what's handy (a scythe, since he helps works the fields) and he ends them...and then gets a necromancer to raise them as zombies so their souls won't find rest, mwahahaha.
I'm thinking he'll be more melee focused, but I want some capability for ranged. I'm thinking of going with the angel-kin variant heritage and having a stat block of:
Str: 18 +4
Dex: 16 +3
Con: 10 +0
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 10 +0
I'm debating the wisdom of raising the wisdom and/or con.
Also not sure if there's an archetype I'm just not appreciating enough as none of them seemed to appeal to me at all.
I'm thinking the first feat will be point-blank shot since I'll take precise strike as my teamwork feat, so that's one feat for each: ranged and melee.
Traits-wise, I'm not sure what makes the best sense.
Basically, I'm looking for input on the stats and traits as primary build questions. Feats and archetypes is secondary at this point.
Then, if anyone has solid advice for things to be aware of (or how to walk that tightrope) when playing a servant of an "evil" deity in PFS play, I'm open to suggestions.

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Frankly inquisitor doesn't do switch hitting very well, stick to melee or archery, Str or dex > WIS > CON > dex or str should be the priority. I can't help with the evil fluff in pfs, would have to ask another expert.

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First off, loving the concept. Second Best goddess in the game (mostly due to her favored weapon, but also some cool stories of how she became a god by saying "F" you to the Goddess of DEATH)

That said, inquisitor is not gonna be able to switch hit very well. If you want a decent switch hit, Hunter (there is an archetype to swap out teamwork for domain), switch hits much better. Take Precise Shot at 2nd as the bonus. You can either drop the Animal Companion during your adventures, or keep it as a mount/flank buddy.

I would change stats to a 17, 14, 14, 12, 14, 9 to have more HP and slightly stronger spells. At 4th, increase STR, 8th sees the Cha boost.

Traits: Reactionary and Suspicious. Reactionary for Initative, Suspicious for back story/good benefit.

As for Evil in PFS, you will have to be Neutral. If you wanna play the Death part up, a blessing of death to captured bad guys is a good way. In general, you will not be able to be Evil. You will be killing those you can, but no burning down orphanages. Vengeance is not evil however, so your murder hobo should wait till he is offended to retaliate (not strike first, or back up someone till a foe targets you).

I definitely want to stay inquisitor. I'd be willing to focus melee.
I like the "death is a blessing" concept for RP. That could sell nicely. I'm also thinking I'll have him play up the whole concept of Urgathoa saying that you should indulge, so he'll basically be willing to pay for recreational companionship and/or solicit temporary companionship with NPC's.

I would say that you do need to boost at least one of con and wisdom (or both to 12). A D8 health per level and no con mod is never going to be good enough for melee because you can't take a beating. Perhaps if you had heavy armor or significant defenses above the norm I would feel differently but you don't.

Inquisitor has real problems being a true switch hitter but there are ways to make it happen... Weapon finesse and any damage adding feat would be enough to be a competent melee combatant and pay far less cost in point but for your stats.

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Well, same stats for an Inquisitor really, hunter was mostly to make switch hitting viable.

Also, sure he does not worship Calistria? (only slightly joking, she is the best goddess in the game, with a focus on lust, vengeance and deception, only issue is a whip is not as deadly as a scythe at low levels).

For any character focused on a deity, you will want to pursue the deities chapter in Inner Sea Gods. The obedience are usually easy (Uragotha's is eat a feast then have a bite of rancid meat or something else spoiled) and give fun boons (+1 for Necromancy spells) and even grant SLA and other fun boosts (starting at 12th unless you take one of the PrC from the book).

Finally, Feed the Pain, Urgathoan.

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Definitely increase Con. If you're going into melee you need more HP than the base d8. I would also boost Wis a bit. You don't need it to be that high for spellcasting but cunning initiative and the extra skill boosts make it a good package deal.

Dafydd's array (17/14/14/12/14/9) is pretty good. You could even out the 12 and 9 to two 10s if you prefer.

The inquisitor archetypes are not generally inspiring, but consider Infiltrator if you want to be more of a fast talker; being able to fake a Good aura and cast good-aligned spells is also thematic for an aasimar.

Okay, since the angelkin gets the boost to str and cha, I've fiddled with the numbers and think I could go for 18/14/14/11/13/9. That's 10 into str, 5 each into dex and con, then dipped the cha to create 4 more points which bump wis to 13 and int to 11. I mention this in case anyone wants to double check my math. I sometimes find that I either over or under spent by a point. I could switch my feat to toughness since I'm not trying to switch hit and get the additional HP for melee or I could go dodge to make up the AC point I'm losing in the dex.

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