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Just looking for some vague ideas... My group decided to roll straight down the line for abilities, so the scores can't change or move. One of my friends ended with the following:
str 14
dex 16
con 10
int 13
wis 18
cha 12

Any ideas for character concepts? He has a couple ideas floating around, just trying to see if there are other viable options that we're overlooking.

Thanks in advance, I always get excellent advice on these boards!

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Personally, I'm seeing an Ecclestitheurge archer cleric.

This screams Cleric to me. I'd probably go the debuffer route.

If you often get a chance to buff before a fight, archer cleric (not ecclesitheurge! They're caster clerics who don't even want line of sight on the enemy half the time.) If not, zen archer monk or maybe a gunslinger.

Shaman. Archer, methinks.

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A hunter, with the low con, you will focus on ranged combat/archery and your animal companion is going to be your muscle.

This has options. Wisdom bein the highest stat means that cleric, inquisitor, druid, and monk are best. Cleric gets the most from stats because he will have some channeling whereas the others don't get anything from charisma. The stats do support archery but frankly you have the stats to do it all with the correct choices.

Monk zen archery is pure win for your stats, any inquisitor is strong for you, Druid based on spells would be a jack of all trades with wild shape.

You could do a nice reach cleric/shaman with those stats.
A monk/sacred fist could work too, getting a great AC out of the dex and wis.
An archer inquisitor/hunter/druid are classes to take advantage of the big wisdom and good dex and STR. All three can get you pets too to help keep people off of you.
An angelic sorcerer that uses wis for casting is an arcane casting choice.

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Dwarf Zen Archer
Dwarf Casty Druid
Dwarf Sensei Ki Mystic Monk

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Inquisitor all the way.

Honestly here's what I immediately thought: You have high Str but low Con; this suggests a sedentary lifestyle. You have bulk, mass, but not endurance. You're slightly smarter and more charming than the average bear, but your wisdom is insane and your Dex is remarkable. I see a heavy-set dwarf (Raises Con +2, insane Wis gets even better; Cha suffers) whose amazing senses inform him of danger and fuel much faster reaction times than his bulk should allow.

So this dwarf also has amazing willpower and intuition. He's big, sturdy and has an uncanny natural speed he's honed with training. He'd be a great switch hitter ranger. He'd be decent from range but up close can throw his weight around behind, say, a greataxe.

As for the concept, I say it's this: Once the name Brutenheim meant something; once he was a legend. Then his lady Heilde was taken and he was powerless to stop it.

What followed were years spent inside a bottle. Bruniev Brutenheim faded into a bloated old dwarf, barely able to braid his own beard, the edge of his axe faded and the string of his crossbow broken. This is where we found him. Bruniev Brutenheim, face down in a gutter in Absalom, begging for his next drink.

So we've nursed him back. Though he's burned through much of his warrior's constitution Bruniev's mind is still sharp despite the malted haze it's endured. His will is like a steel cage. Once we told him that Heilde may still be alive, that the dragon Infernicus may have merely kept her imprisoned all these years, it was like some part of him awoke from a deep sleep.

We dare not tell him. We have no idea of his love. Somehow we've brought back one of the greatest rangers the world has ever known, though he must rise to greatness once more. We cannot reveal to him that the whereabouts of Heilde are unknown to us. Just keep going, Bruniev Brutenheim. Keep going.

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