New Venture-Lieutenant in Raleigh, North Carolina!

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Hello everybody,

Please join me in welcoming a new Venture-Lieutenant for the Raleigh area: Dan Wheeler!

Dan has helped organize games in Raleigh and will take over my duties as Venture Lieutenant now that I have been promoted to Venture-Captain. He has a long history of participating in various organized play campaigns and deep roots in the local RPG community. His computer-savvy skills will also be a great asset!

Welcome aboard, Dan!

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Hooray Dan! Congrats to you, and Excellent choice Michael.

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This is highly welcome news. Congrats, Dan.

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Congratulations, Stealer's Wheeler!

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Congrats, Dan! Way to take up the mantle.

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Congratulations and welcome to the Party!!

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Congratulations Dan!

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Gratz Dan - about time this happened.

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Congratulations Dan.

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Congrats, Dan, and welcome aboard!

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congratulations Dan!

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Thank you everyone, I hope to help make PFS even stronger in the area and look help fill the big shoes left empty by Mr. Steve Miller

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