Please welcome the new Venture-Lieutenant of Vladimir, Russia!

Pathfinder Society

Grand Lodge 2/5 Venture-Captain, Russia—Moscow aka Maxim Nikolaev

I am glad to announce the appointment of Kirill Storm as a Venture Leutenant of Vladimir, Moscow.

Kirill is a long time player and GM, but also a very nice guy. He has been very active in building the roleplaying community in Vladimir and I am sure his energy and creativity will be a great boon to the Pathfinder Society.

Ladies and gentlemen, give your applause to Kirill Storm!

P.S. Yes, Storm is his real surname. Because he is awesome, that's why.

The Exchange 2/5 Venture-Captain, Russia—St. Petersburg aka CasHTusK

Welcome! [:

Welcome aboard

Silver Crusade 3/5 Venture-Captain, Latvia—Riga aka Tiaburn

Welcome to the club!

Venture-Captain, United Arab Emirates—Dubai aka Barwickian

Welcome, Kirill.

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, California—San Diego aka RAdeMorris

Welcome to the party.

Grand Lodge


Scarab Sages 5/5 Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane

Congratulations and welcome!!

Liberty's Edge 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Russia—Moscow aka Kirill.Storm


I am very glad and proud to be a part of the huge society.
Hope to become useful. Lets build the world and its history together

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