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ok one of the PCs in my canmpaing was killed and the player insists that he wants to play a rogue now. Usually that wouldnt be a problem, were it any of my other players rolling a character i wouldn't be here, but this guy he is anothe story he is kind of clueless when it comes to combat, so im afraid that a rogue may be way too fragile for him. At the moment a goblin would make perfect sense for the choice race for the character.
so what i need is for you to help me build a character that does not rely on fancy triks to do damage im thinking slashing grace is a must, or maybe two agile kukris (he'll definitely insist on dex based damage)

feats or rogue talent that focus in combat are what im mostly looking for but some other rogue talents that heve good utility would also be apreciated
Apg and core are the only rulebooks i own so i'd like to focus on those options but if there is an option from other rulebook that is a must i will consider it Please avoid 3pp if posible

Have you considered pointing him at the Slayer? It's like a Rogue, only better. And more durable.

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kestral287 wrote:
Have you considered pointing him at the Slayer? It's like a Rogue, only better. And more durable.

i did for like about a second but i think that might be unwise for this player

characters with way to many features are bad for him thats why rogue is also a bad idea i tried persuading him towards a finese fighter but alas it was not to be

If he's going to get mired in too many features anyway, you might as well get him mired in too many features with medium armor proficiency and a d10 hit die.

The glaring problem is that an effective Rogue (relatively speaking) requires either fancy tricks or a fairly high level of teamwork.

Slayer is still much better. Even if he forgets to use class features.

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i get what you guys are saying belive me i do but im not too sure a slayer its the right thing for this specific player

So... what makes Rogue better than Slayer for him?

I'm trying to understand, because the Rogue has just as many moving pieces as the Slayer and is less forgiving if he forgets those pieces in favor of "just stab him already".

If you MUST, then give him a scout rogue with offensive defense. That'll keep his AC relatively high, and all he has to do is charge in mindlessly every turn.

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he annoys my other players some times (roleplay wise)(thats the reason no one tried to save his last pc) and i'd rather not have him playing a slayer or the fighter might kill the slayer on his sleep

How does a Slayer roleplaying cause problems when a Rogue doesn't?

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well this thread has derailed
please if someone has any good ideas for a rogue i'll be happy to hear them but im not really intrested on other classes or options outside of rogue

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If he plays a Rogue, it wont get anywhere. A Rogue requires nearly absolute system mastery to be viable.

A Slayer is your best bet.

Class Features of a Rogue: Rogue Talents, Trapfinding, Sneak Attack, Trap Sense, Uncanny Dodge, Imp. Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Master Strike (8)

Class Features of a Slayer: Slayer Talents, Sneak Attack, Studied Target, Stalker, Slayer's Advance, Quarry, Imp. Quarry, Master Slayer, Tracker, Swift Tracker (10)

Honestly, the Slayer is much easier in my opinion than the Rogue... but anyway, your best bet for a Rogue that's simple is the Swashbuckler/Scout.

Use Swashbuckler to get proficiency in a Falchion or similar 2H weapon, take extra combat talents to get Power Attack, Furious Focus, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus. Now you can zip from target to target, dealing sneak attack damage to each and every one of them as you Spring on them and move to safety immediately after.

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Scavion wrote:

If he plays a Rogue, it wont get anywhere. A Rogue requires nearly absolute system mastery to be viable.

A Slayer is your best bet.

eeehhhhhhhhh depends on what you mean by viable, on a dpr contribution attempting to compare to a sub-optimal fighter? Some good system mastery and finagling will be needed, If however, you just want to RP the rogue talking the party out of sticky situations, being a sneak thief and or charmer, with some -ok- some of the time damage, then not necessarily

That being said, Allow 3pp allow this rogue talent-

Rogue Finesse- Pick a weapon, you now get to hit and damage from dex with WEAPON. Make sure he nows its THAT SPECIFIC WEAPON

from here you want- weapon focus (if dual wielding), TWF, no need for double slice as the dex damage is full for off hand, resiliency is great for a rogue, specifically to keep them alive/ up and running.

Give them the "glory rogue" archetype, you can find it here- Here

at level 10, have him take one of these two talents - skill mastery, or crippling strike. (crippling strike is one of the best debuff ability non-magical martials get, -2 str every time you deal SA damage, if your flanking and you hit 4 times, thats -8 strength) FOr this, I also recommend the 3pp feats Eviscerate, and concussive strikes. Both can be found the D20pfsrd

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