Wait, what's this about dares?


So I was looking over the new stuff available to gunslingers, swashbucklers, etc. and I notice Dares. But the wording on dares is utterly unuseable...

Is there any errata out on this?

From the SRD:
Dares are similar to deeds in that they grant a gunslinger or a swashbuckler extra abilities based on either grit or panache, but unlike deeds, dares become active when a member of these classes runs out of her respective pool, and become inactive until the character regains points of their respective pool. They grant the character a benefit and a new ability to regain or increase the ability to regain either grit or panache.

I would take it to mean that instead of 'until' they meant 'when'.

Yeah, the ACG is... not exactly well-edited. You'd be correct on this one.

Ah yeah... I'm starting to get that impression.

Cause if it was worded properly I could see this getting a fair amount of use... it seems like it would be better than just not having any pool points with no bonuses.

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