Emerald Lodge confirms to carry on as neutral group

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I don't know yet what will happen on Thursday with the new patch. But I have to say this is a great community and despite this being a competetive game I got a lot of support from many different sides. Below is a bit I copied from our internal members discussions:

So where to we develop from here?

Post cataclysm I expect that we will focus on

Trade and craft - well above average

Defence - well below average

Training for fighter, wizard, cleric, rogue - we will have the minimum to ensure you keep training. Beyond that it depends what we can afford or if these training could be done at our neigbours

In the meantime we will soldier on - trying to be a place for players who don't want to be in one of the large power blocks, carry on with the mission to explore the Emerald Spire (some day) and add our bit of quirkiness and RP to the game to make it a better and more interesting place to be.

And Theodum wrote another piece - The Emerald Seven - inspired by the post from Proxima Sin.

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"Quirkiness and RP". I can go with that!

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I look forward to seeing how you navigate the murky waters of diplomacy, and wish you the best of luck!

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Yup, good luck!

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I am glad you are staying Neutral. RiverBank (and the Pathfinder University) has also decided to go neutral (and removed it self from the EBA). Hopefully there is a place for neutral settlements in the River Kingdoms.

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I too wish to join others in wishing the Emerald Lodge the best of luck as you continue on. I thoroughly enjoy reading of Theodum's musings.

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Where will we get our Emerald Spirits?! Glad to see Spire's Retreat & Emerald Lodge haven't changed their mission statements. :)

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Good news.

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Good news from the Lodge!

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