Feeling Slighted?

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Are you tired of not being accused of using exploits? Is it weeks since anyone's accused you of doing weird stuff? Maybe you belong in Stoneroot Glade.

Stoneroot Glade, where having fun is always in vogue.

These claims have not been evaluated by the surgeon General or Goblinworks. Results are not typical. Many of our members go weeks without being accused of anything.

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Yeah, but you have to be provocative ;)

In reality, we're a friendly bunch of people (although I expect some people's view of us might change when they notice some differences in our make-up, or Thod publishes his next update). We welcome all players and play styles. We have players from across the world, some very active, some not so. We have very few rules, but in game we don't tend to cause trouble ;)

We have players with in-depth knowledge of the game, and crafters and refiners who will help you.

We have good relationships with our allies, and we like to think we don't have any actual enemies, and even if we did, we would have cordial relations with them also.

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Did you have fun last night? You would have if you lived in Stoneroot Glade. I did. I'm having fun right now!

...Oh bugger, I'll come in again, shall I?

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