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krevon wrote:

That would work if they weren't the Jehovah Witnesses of this realm.

Perhaps Tiny Coffee Golems made of C4?

Three years later I finally find the shout out.

Didn’t someone say they had shields?

How about a nice fruit basket filled with Assassin vines?

I hear they have several brilliant recipes for assassin vine. They would probably thank us.

What about putting their email and phone number on every disreputable site on the net? For some... shall we say, black magic?

Let me remind you how old our enemy is: They don't have email. And their phone number is one of those old party lines (we share it with them). We'll have to do something different.

What about, have we tried challenging them to a game of rugby?

They've got the referee on their payroll, it wouldn't work.

Perhaps trying to cause infighting with (fake but very convincing) pictures?

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