Spelleater bloodrager with dumped AC


Hello everyone. looking for a bit of advice but first lets get this out of the way. I know this isn't the "best" bloodrager ect. I am not looking for the best. If you came here to tell me not to play it please move on. To me optimizing is about making a concept work as best it can. Not about only playing whats the best.

So I am working on a spelleater build that has dumped AC. will only be wearing light armor so there is something to enchant not for AC.

So I am looking for ways to survive without AC. Here is what I have so far.

Raging vitality feat
Favored class bonus will be HP and toughness feat
Determination armor enchantment.
Ring of vengeful blood magic. (Vampiric touch as a AOO? Yes please.)
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of evasion (going to need hand of glory of course for 3 rings.)
Spell storing armor/weapon for vampiric touch as well.
Lunge and enlarge to keep enemies away as much as I can.
First aid gloves could be helpful here.
Runestones so he can munch some spells slots
Stoneskin spell of course.

Any other ideas on ways to not eat it with no AC? Also assume fast healer feat does NOT boost fast healing alright? Lets not argue about it here. Its just a no go for this build so leave it at that.

It won't help for the first few levels, but spells will help with that quite a bit. Blurred movement, mirror image, long arm, etc. Arcane bloodline in particular gives free buffs when you rage,including some non-AC defensive options.

Weapons can improve your reach too - magic and feats aren't the only way.

A ring of regeneration is too slow to make a difference in combat by the time you can afford it.

Creating fog or smoke to reduce visibility can sometimes be helpful.

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