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I recently played 3 levels in the Emeral spire Superdungeon... One was reported as Online, another the normal way, but now I find that in reporting my third it says I've already played and I don't get credit/a Chronicle.
This seems to be a problem with Rise of the Rune Lords 5th Anniversary Ed. and any module with more than 1 chronicle.
How can we report these events or get the reporting process changed so we can report these individual events?

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if you played you don't report the dm does.

Relax. This happens all. the. time. The reporting system is a little wonky sometimes even when its not relying on gamers hand writing and amature data entry. Your paper chronicle sheets are the actual official bonified certified record of your adventures. As long as you've got those you're fine.

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Due to the addition of the Core mode to reporting, a bunch of things broke. The web guys are working on fixing them, but it is taking a bit.

Some of the things that broke:
Any module or AP with multiple chronicles.
Reporting an unregistered PC number.
Reporting an unregistered player.

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It would be nice if Paizo communicated this somewhere on the website, i.e. not a customer's post on the Messageboards.

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