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This PaizoCon, the Know Direction podcast wants to talk to Pathfinder people who have something to share but haven’t had a platform on which to share it yet, people we haven’t talked to before or in a while. If you’re a third party publisher, have worked on Pathfinder material (1st, 3rd, or any party in between) or run a tool of use to the Pathfinder community, let us know. We hope to get enough response that we can switch guests every 5 minutes, allowing us to interview 15-20 individuals or groups in rapid succession. Let us know below if you are interested.

Note: This is all dependent on our event submission being accepted.

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Perhaps you could allow each professional 10 minutes so they may be able to introduce themselves and spout off their credentials. On the other hand, I think having a set panel for a large interview might be better so other professionals can relay their thoughts on subjects/ experiences of other panelists while also entertaining questions from the crowd.

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I would be more than happy to discuss my work on both Paizo projects and my third-party and community projects. Also my experience with RPG Superstar 2014.

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Depending on when the event is taking place, I'd be willing to swing by and chat. Of course, I've had the opportunity to do that at prior PaizoCons, so if you'd rather host a different set of interviewees, I'd completely understand.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Designer

Count me in if time permits. Maybe some of the other PACG developers too.

I'd talk to you. I'm sure I can find somethimg to talk about.

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I would totally love to talk to you guys on behalf of Flying Pincushion.

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If time permits, I suppose I could discuss my experiences as an RPG Superstar judge and former top 4 finalist, my work on Paizo projects, blogging, etc.


I'm a relatively new freelancer working with Paizo, but I'm keen on doing this.

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