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For PFS...
Is this one trick pony good enough to contribute in PFS play, or should I tack something else on?

2 levels of Urban Barb and then Rage Prophet.

The build begins with Gnome Flame Oracle, after that...any advice is welcome.

Almost anything is good enough to contribute in PFS. Flame Oracle offers ok damage and you can always fall back on oracle support spells when fire damage isn't useful. You will be rocking 4-ish skill points and a high charisma so will be able to contribute as a party face outside of combat.

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Make sure one of your level one spells known is recharge innate magic for you to recharge your produce flame racial. Cinder Dance works great to overcome your movement penalty, and pyromaniac will make all of your spells and revelations hit harder. I'd stay pure caster, the Barb levels take away more than they give. Grab a rod of elemental spell to overcome resistances if needed.

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Because this is relevant.

Mine was sixth level and went through Bonekeep crippled due to gm fiat and enemy resistances and still was the sole reason our group survived (I was dealing all the damage). We cleared more than half of the dungeon, lost a player, defeated the boss and I was the last one standing.

In the home game, this exact same gnome flame oracle is the party MVP (they voted) as he was the most useful (very careful selection of spells known), highest damage dealer (consistently nuking for 10dx+20 or 30) against single targets and groups. I believe the average damage per spell cast is around 60. 35 from the dice, and 20 or 30 depending on what I am doing. Enemies have max HP and do take a while to drop, but now at 10th level the burning damage from alchemical power components and burning magic and the burning spell metamagic are becoming extremely relevant and boosting damage substantially higher. We are entering the 'enemies go after the caster' stage of the game because the combat contributions when I can deal raw damage are too hard to ignore. Never mind the constant stream of healing and buffs that are provided by me simultaneously as I's not as good as our clerics healing-not even close, but it definitely is making a difference between whether someone can afford to stay in the fight, whether they hit negative con and die, or if they go KO or not. The minor buff to hit seems trivial but really has come in handy as often as a 5% bonus can be expected to (which over the course of a single fight is usually once or twice as our battles are not rocket tag because enemies are tough and the tanks and myself are very resilient).

The gnome racial bonus is a real boon and produce flame and smart use of cantrips really help when you need to preserve your prodigious number of spells (because you will run low). The character is strong enough to opt to rp during combat and not die or get others killed due to not killing enemies. He's also got some glaring weaknesses which I refuse to address: poor saves and low strength. He's died once and nearly died a second time (failed save) and he serves as the party trapfinder so there is plenty of risk. The only real steps I take to deal with the escalating threat of deadly saves is high initiative and nasty dot to force impossible (ok, just high) concentration checks for enemy spellcasters. But that's it.

I am a buttload of fun to play. Don't let nobody dissuade you from playing with fire or playing as a gnome. :D

Dotting! Been working on a gnome fire oracle for a while. Thanks for the input!

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Nowdays, you should get Deviner's protection at level 5 for Oracles. (it works just like the paladin's ability to boost saves).
From lvl 1. You will be strong.
You will have burning hands at CL2 (2round nuking anything) and Produce Flame to rely on if your supplies run low. If you have a stat array like this: Str12-2 Dex12 Con14+2 Int10 Wis11 Cha16+2, you will find yourself with few weaknesses. (or drop strength further and get muleback cords).

Your AC might be 10+size+Dex+Chainmail=16 and HP:8+3+1=12, so you can take one or even securely 2 strong hits before dropping unconscious.

Every Flame Mystery Revelation is decent to good.
Cinder Dance: +10Movement
Fly speed (from 7th level)
Smoke vision (fog etc also included)
1d6/level AoE Nukes
Free Burning fire effect on fire spells.

If you get "Metamagic Master"-Fireball & such traits you will have powerful empowered Fireballs at level 6. Dealing about 7x1d6x1.5=37,75damage AoE (not the highest you can find, but effective)

Obviously you will have "Pyromaniac" from the Gnome, which is why you have+1CL with fire spells.
If I'm not mistaken, Glitterdust exist among your lvl2 spells.
The Oracle is quite versatile, good spells, decent AC, flavorful revelations, decent skills, good health and from lvl 5 - Epic saves!
I was just able to suplement this half-ready build as I recently looked into a Fog abusing Rogue :)

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Rough Draft...
1 Cosmopolitan (Linguistics and Perception)
3 Eldritch Heritage (Arcane)
5 Divine Protection
7 ___
9 ___
11 Imp Eldritch Heritage
13 __

1 Burning Magic
3 ___
7 Wings of Fire
11 Firestorm

Sorry, but Divine Protection is not PFS legal.

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Awesome. I don't own the book (yet) anyway.

My first PFS character is a Rage Prophet at 12 (trying to assemble an Eyes run). I focused on the Barbarian side of the build. I'm not certain a caster focused build would work as well in PFS, simply because the casting boosts for being a Rage Prophet are later in the PrC progression. Your build has entry into the PrC at 7th, which if you stay with it for the rest of the build, you're only going to get 5 levels of the PrC during common play. So you're giving up 4 caster levels for Rage? I'm not sure it's worth it, especially if you're more interested in playing a caster. Rage prophet makes a good self buffing Barbarian, but it's certainly not horribly useful for a caster. A straight Oracle (or a small dip for Sorcerer) is much stronger.

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Thanks, Drogos. That's the route I'm going (straight caster).

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Blackened (is this overkill)?
Tongues (thematically awesome)

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Is Flaming Sphere and Scorching Ray worth a -4 to weapon attacks? Because that's all you get access to that is not reproduced on the Flame bonus spells.

Tounges isn't bad, but not being able to communicate in combat sucks, and as a gnome you can learn a ton of languages anyway.

Personally, I like Haunted. Yes the penalty to retrieve items in packs is bad, but bandoleers and wand sheaths get around that, and the spells add a lot of utility.

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Imbicatus wrote:
Is Flaming Sphere and Scorching Ray worth a -4 to weapon attacks? Because that's all you get access to that is not reproduced on the Flame bonus spells.

As a spontaneous caster spell options/flexibility is key. I was not sure how much mileage I would get out of scorching ray but flaming sphere, I felt was going to be a really useful and constantly applied spell. It turns out that both are useful but scorching ray, increasingly more so.

Flaming sphere: because of my build (setting things on fire), this is an excellent spell to cast at the very beginning of combat I either cast this, fireball, or sun metal. The sphere gets cast the most on round 1. Sun metal the least.

The ability to 'nova' on damage is valuable since either a no action (if they don't move out of the sphere) or move action 3d6+6(or 9), combined with a 10d6+20(or 30) fireball, and potentially a quickened 8d6+16(or 24) scorching ray, with every single one of those spells healing an ally for half my HD and granting a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls for a round and immolating my target for 2 or 3 damage a round for the next four rounds, then being set on fire as with alchemist fire and depending on what I chose to do, also dealing its level in fire damage as it continues to burn some more....that can all add up very, very, fast.

Flaming sphere is goof at spreading the heat, intimidating foes and controlling their movement as well as simply giving you more choices on what you can do in a single round without expending resources. It's good stuff.

Scorching ray: this is a spell I like to use for single target murdering or for spreading the heat to multiple foes, particularly when one is near dead and another is fresh for some softening up. It is a nice alternative for when saving throws on enemies get annoying. Most can't deal with the +9 to +11 ranged touch very well. Unlike flaming sphere, this spell scales on a couple of fronts, allowing it to remain relevant all the time in virtually every combat. The best part here is the precision aspect which you really lack with all of your other spells. Fireball and burning hands hit areas. Flaming sphere and others are single target. But with scorching ray you can unload torpid hell onap a single foe- at range, or cherry pick multiple targets at range. I find that I have increasingly been falling back on this spell for one reason or another as I advance.

I have a +1 or +0 melee attack bonus. I'm a petulant child with boorish tendencies and who was designed to blow things up. Do I miss having that +4 to hit in melee? No. But I would miss having the two spells above if I suddenly had to go without them. Their loss would dramatically change my approach to combat.

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