[R20 / G+] [CORE] Friday the 13th Bonekeep Bloodbath!!! Level I: The Silent Grave, 2 / 13 / 14 @5pm CST

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This event will begin at 5pm CST on Friday the 13th, a second table will be run following the first around 9:30pm CST if there are enough players. This will be CORE campaign game using level 4 core Pregen iconic characters only.

Come be apart of the most brutal massacre of your favorite iconic characters; or if you have what it takes, earn the grand bragging rights of surviving Bonekeep with a Pregen!! This is an event not to be missed!

Ruins of Bonekeep-Level I: The Silent Grave (3-7)
An enemy of the Pathfinder Society recently found a hidden dungeon in a centuries-old siege fortress, but despite his best efforts to convert it into his base of operations, he failed. When a pair of Pathfinders encounter disaster while scouting out the entrance, the party must explore the first level of the dungeon to determine not just what attacked their comrades but also what dark power their nemesis nearly acquired. A Pathfinder Society Special designed for Levels 3-7

"Welcome to the Ruins of Bonekeep. This is the first of a series of special events designed to test your character to its limits and beyond. The threat of character death is very real in this event, but the potential rewards are greater as a result. You will be able to, as a table, decide to leave the event at any time should it become too deadly for you, except when engaged in combat. If this is not the type of event for you, now is the time to back out."

**Further Disclaimer**
The likelihood of character death is not only likely, it is overwhelmingly probable. Additionally anticipated side effects from participating in this event may include: difficulty sleeping, loss of short term memory, sudden weight gain, nipple sensitivity, night terrors, incontinence, vertigo and erectile dysfunction.

Sign ups available at: https://warhorn.net/events/dekalb-lodge-online

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