Psychic Chef... What weird thing would you use your heroic powers for?


I had a really fun time playing a psionic character back in 3.5 times. When I saw the occult playtest come up I was really excited. Perhaps I could make that character again! I would be able to cook amazing things without having to touch a thing!

... That's when it occured to me that my favorite thing about my character was his ridiculous Craft: Cooking bonus.

I even used some of my psionics just to be able to cook better. (Pyrokinesis for example)By the time the game ended I was a level 20 psion/10 psion uncarnate, but I could also get over 50 on a cooking roll by taking ten. With Plane Shift, I could literally serve meals to the gods and they'd like it.

I guess I'm just weird.

Have any of you made characters that just... ended up doing something ridiculously cool, but as far as the 'goal' of adventuring (I.E. Getting loot/killing monster/saving day/finishing quests) was completely unrelated?

Scarab Sages

Becoming Chef to the Gods is totally one of the innumerable worthy goals of adventuring; don't let anyone talk you into thinking otherwise.

One of my players is loving the idea of maxing out Profession (Farmer) and using Master Craftsman to make super-plants and magic chickens.

Dude chickens with the magical beast type? That'd be awesome.

I see some wondrous items along the way.

I wanted to play a character that was mostly focused on making those magical prosthesis limbs and actually had one or two of his own. Never was a Pathfinder official "Artificer" class that wasn't a buggy 3rd party write up. :/

To help with ideas like improving your cooking with magic and psionics and incarnum and stuff, I give all my players master craftsman for free once they meet the prerequisites. Means any PC with mundane skills can make them awesome.

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