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Hello folks,

I have an Ironborn (Large-sized Burden Carrier build) Aegis/Soulknife (Deadly Fist) that I am playing in a friend's home game. It's a really fun character, but I have one question that I honestly am clueless about.

As a Large-sized Ironborn, he has a natural reach of 10 feet. The range increment on his Psychokinetic Discharge ability from the Deadly Fist is also 10 feet, the same as the daggers he is carrying around.

Does this mean he can do his psychokinetic discharge attack or throw a dagger at someone 20 ft. away without taking a range penalty? Or would he take a -2 to the attack roll?

I'm pretty sure the range increments start from the edge of your character and aren't changed because of your size. So if they are 20ft way from the closest part of your character then they are 2 away and you'll have the -2

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That's kind of what I figured, but I couldn't really find any hard proof of it.

Yeah, the only relevant rule is in the equipment section

CRB wrote:
Range: Any attack at more than this distance is penalized for range. Beyond this range, the attack takes a cumulative –2 penalty for each full range increment (or fraction thereof) of distance to the target. For example, a dagger (with a range of 10 feet) thrown at a target that is 25 feet away would incur a –4 penalty. A thrown weapon has a maximum range of five range increments. A projectile weapon can shoot to 10 range increments.

You'd need a specific rule to countermand this, for RAW.

However, I don't see it as a bad house rule, as it gets rid of the dubious interaction of two huge humanoids with 15 ft reach, who can hit each other just fine with, say, a club in melee... But have a -2 to hit if they release it from their hand just before striking.

That said, such a house rule should be at reach - 5 ft at best, in my opinion. Otherwise clubs and their ilk get a free 5 ft range bonus even for Medium creatures.

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That sounds reasonable, I'll run it by my DM.

Thanks again, folks.

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