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Trying to make a knife thrower. Please check out my build. Used both Talented Rogue and Talented Monk PDFs for this character.

Some of my house rules effect this build. Power Attack and Deadly aim can be used by anybody with the requisite ability score and BAB. No feat required. Anybody can use Combat Expertise. Two Weapon Fighting scales with level. Scimitars are finessable weapons and belong to the light blade weapon group. Ammunition is not tracked, including small throwing weapons. Magic weapon enhancements and abilities are done by weapon group, not individual weapon (if you have +2 flaming bow, you get that for all bows, not just one individual bow). There is a logical in universe explanation for that.

Here is the build

How did I do? Any weaknesses?

Talented Monk might actually work really well for that. Go the Martial Artist route, weapon master knives, and your base damage can increase as you gain levels.

Maybe. I really wanted to be a Rogue for flavor, but i'm not quite sure the Rogue talents are helping me much.

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Swashbuckler abilities work with Daggers.

If you had a Dagger of Doubling (UE pg. 153) you could throw daggers at your maximum rate -- the doubled dagger goes away allowing you to split the dagger again.

I agree that you don't seem to be getting much for your Rogue levels.

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