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Shackled City Adventure Path

I've built quite an extensive Shackled City Wiki on Obsidian Portal.
I'm pretty proud of it, but you know players, they could give a s@%#. LOL.

So this is for other Shackled City DMs


Looks amazing ! will take a look !

If you want to discuss the adventure, don't hesitate to message me ! We just finished chapter 10, and now I'm sending them to hell ;p

A lot of things happened :) Cauldron is no more lol

Nice work!

I specially liked the NPCs section.

Perhaps you can create a section intended for players, with all the material to present the Campaign and help them create their characters.

Hey! Thanks for looking Balacertar. You probably read more of it than my players.

The PC's are actually buried in the "characters" section you are referring to. They do have their own pages.

Obsidian Portal doesn't offer a separate section for PC's.
It is great site for campaign building but it does have some limitations especially when you don't pay. HA.

Oh! That sucks! It is a lot of work if then you cannot share it with them :/

I particularly like the idea of being able to share images of the NPCs, and summarize all the information they found, so they can remember after chapters pass. It would be great if you can select to unblock/enable content as they progress in the campaign, so they can just check what they know so far. SCAP is very long and has a large cast, players need to be refreshed with NPCs and events in a regular basis, and the idea of your website is good for it.


Looks great!

I am still running this and the Ashardalon Series here on Paizoboards, via play by post.

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