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Hi all, quick question:

A question's just come up in one of my PbP games that I don't know the answer to: specifically, are witch hexes purely mental actions? This is very important to the witch's functionality if they get, say, paralyzed. You know. Like a necrophidius might do.

The closest I've been able to find is in the Rules FAQ, which states that you must actually cackle in order to use the cackle hex. This implies that some hexes, at least, have somatic/verbal components. But do they all? Is each different? I've done a quick search but haven't been able to find a definitive answer.

Thanks for your help!

Just tell us which witch hex you want to use. Otherwise, take a look at the flavor of the witch hexes and extrapolate.

For example, cackle has verbal components. Evil eye could technically have a somatic component in that you have to legitimately stare at someone. Others, like the flight hex, would have "always on" components like the buoyancy, with the useable spells would effectively be spell-like and thus have no components.

As far as components go only the cackle hex has a verbal component. Specifically because it has a faq that makes it an exception to the rule.

Other than cackle all other hexes unless specified behave like normal SU abilities and have no verbal, somatic, or material compoments

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