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So I'm in a group (two dwarf twins, a wizard and fighter, a human cleric, and a half-elf ranger) that recently finished the first chapter of rise of the runelords. And everything is going good, but I've come to realize a flaw in my good -natured/protective shapeshifting elf druid. Add things become more difficult to kill, the "protect my friends and sacrifice my life if need be" approach is quickly showing to be a problem, and I love to roleplay as him, but I can't see it lasting very long.

Luckily I have an idea. In my lore I included a sister that was recently captured by the main antagonist group, hence the reason for my travels. The DM agreed to include a few scenes of her in the upcoming sessions, for lore flavor, but is still ultimately captured. And if anything happens to my main character I thought that maybe I could eventually have her join the group on a revenge plot.(cliché I know) but still kind of new to pathfinder-type games.

So I guess I just would like some insight (I think that's the word) on what class to play as.

She would be a half-elf with a kind of proud attitude about her, she would be offended if someone were to even jest with her, but is also very kind, like her brother.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Again I apologize, for I'm still very new to rpg's.

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Bard or Skald.

It would fit a nice niche in your group dynamic.

Well blackbloodtroll advice is a nice one...
About ROR i can say the classes that will shine are Wizard and Sorcerer, due to what the campaign offers: lot of magic rewards.

Knowledges will be your bread&butter, as they're used very often.

I feel to suggest to play a Loremaster, will be nice and fun.

I like the suggestions that have been made, but role-playing wise, she sounds like she'd make a great paladin or oracle (a serious but kind half-elf). if you mull over oracle, consider also the divine protection feat. ungody saves! (pun intended). paladin would be slightly better if your ranger is an archer. honorable mention to the alchemist - good class for h-elves and spamming bombs is fun.

I would say a buffer. Casters are always good (more versatile than meleers) and you already have fairly good melee.

A summoner would also be nice (spells and melee). If you're going to go this way, also consider magus.

Thank you for all of the advice!

I decided to go with a caster druid to keep the whole nature thing going, I was thinking she could act like she was a mother of nature, and be very high and mighty about protecting others, but now my issue is the best domain to choose, and whether I should be a battlefield control or blaster, based off her personality she could be either. to provide more information on my group, the fighter is a sword and board fighter but focuses mainly on roleplaying. The wizard started off as a battlefield controller, but he's starting to ween more toward a blaster/conjuration. The cleric is a cleric of caden calien, and is mainly our healer/buffer, but is the face of the group and more reasonable. The ranger is a switch hitter monster killer with a companion.

I'm wanting this caster druid to act like she is the embodiment of nature, controlling earth,wind, and foliage to devastate either the battlefield(control) or the enemies (blaster). (I know I repeated myself, lol)

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Why not Totemic Skald?

You keep nature flavor, are a team buffer, and even Wildshape.

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