Is Warsighted a good option?


I am building a lvl 10 Kitsune oracle as a npc for the campaign I'm running, but I am trying to figure out if a warsighted build would work for a 'wandering priest' stereotype. Or would Warpriest do that better?

Warsighted oracle is good for someone who plans, or who likes a variety of combat maneuvers. A Warpriest is better at reacting to the unexpected and beating people down with hit point damage. I don't see how either particularly relates to the wandering priest stereotypes I'm familiar with - perhaps you could explain what you see in such a stereotype?

Perhaps I'm looking at it from the wrong way. It's supposed to be the eldest brother of a player's family, a seldom speaking individual who left home earlier than most to begin the adventuring life and hasn't returned home since. He spends much of the time wandering from city to city as he tries to find... some thing that he feels he's missing.

That quest sounds inwardly directed, which to me means wisdom over charisma. Also compatible with the seldom speaking bit. A warpriest benefits from wisdom, an oracle doesn't.

IMO the warpriest is dedicated in his beliefs and such.

The oracle, depending on mystery seems a better match for someone not too sure about his purpose.

Warsighted fits better by fluffing your martial flexibility as tricks you picked up throughout your travels.

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