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I'm not really interested in opinions or house-ruled approaches to this, I'm more looking for a direct quote or source here to answer this question. Is there a rule anywhere (I'm hoping there is or is not one way or the other)that states unequivocally that both magic gloves must be worn at the same time to gain the effect of the item instead of being able to wear one?

For example, would you be able to wear one of these to gain the effect on the single hand you're wearing it on? Or would you have to wear both and thus must gain the effect on both hands? If the former, would you then be able to wear a single magical glove of a different sort on the other hand for the other effect on that hand?

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Slotted Wondrous Item wrote:
When a character wears a slotted wondrous item he cannot gain the benefit from a wondrous items of the same slot until the first item is removed. Of course, a character may carry or possess any number of slotted items of the same type, but additional items have no effect until they are worn. Sometimes a slotted wondrous item must be worn for a period of time (typically 24 hours) before the item's full effect manifests. If a creature is missing the body part where a wondrous item is worn, it cannot use that type of slotted item. If a creature has multiple body parts that correspond to a single wondrous item slot, it can still only gain the benefit of one item of that slot.

Bolding mine, from here. The slot is Hands, not Left Hand and Right Hand.

Liberty's Edge

The CRB, page 459 says:

"A humanoid-shaped body can be decked out in magic gear consisting of one item from each of the following groups, keyed to which slot on the body the item is worn"

"Hands" is one of the slots listed. So it would seem that you may wear one (1) item that takes the "hands" slot.

Thank you. That seems to answer the question about wearing one of two different sets. What about wearing one glove, period? Or do both of a set have to be worn to gain the effect?

That depends on the particular glove.
Some of them like the Glove of storing are specifically one glove while others like the First Aid Gloves have to be worn as a pair.

And there are even some that blur the distinction like the Poisoner's gloves.

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