My FLGS never received the Base Set

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Hi, everyone -

My understanding (as well as that of the store manager at my FLGS) is that U.S. stores who are running organized PACG play would get a copy of the base set. We've been play OP there monthly since November and I've been using my box, but the group has grown beyond what a single base set can manage (7 people showed up to play last night). Are we mistaken, or should the store have received the Skull & Shackles Base Set? We are definitely getting the scenarios so I think the store did what it needed to in order to get 'registered' as an OP store. Any help in clarifying what we can do to get the Base Set (if we were supposed to get one, of course) would be greatly appreciated so we can support two tables simultaneously as well as run scenarios when I can't be there with my personal copy.


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That was indeed available to us stores. From these comments, it appears they had to do a bit more than just sign up as a retailer. I'd recommend having them check for that email and contact the local venture officer and/or customer service.

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Thanks, Hawkmoon. I'll pass this along to the store manager.

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