Can Investigator's Use Two-World Magic Trait?.

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Silver Crusade

Hello, I searched the forums but found nothing.
I was wondering If an Investigator could legally take the Two-World Magic trait or not for PFS?.
The trait Is In Sargavia The Lost Colony Pf companion.
It says to select one spell and put It on your spell list, Invest. don't really have spells(extracts) and also do not technically have a spell list either.
Also I was curious about things mentioning caster levels, would that possibly be a problem too?.
Thank You In advance for any sourced answers you can provide.

Shadow Lodge


The Exchange

Alchemy is specifically not spellcasting.
A Formula list is not a Spell list.

Silver Crusade

So anything listing spells,spell list and spell casting would be a no then, right?, Thank You.

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