Changeling Hair Shades?

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So I want to make a changeling character but since I do campaigns online and changelings have heterochromia finding a picture for them proves kinda difficult. On top of that they are described as having dark hair so that's even less options to pick from. (Then again they're also described as tall and the maximum height they can reach is 4'10".)

So my question is, just how dark is a changeling's hair? Is it black only or are there other colors?

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The shade aspect seemingly is up to imagination. It does say dark hair but why should that be limited to solely black? Brown comes in variation, you could make a dark or orange work out and since these are meant to derive from "hags" who's to say your character couldn't have a crazy hair color (With added restraints likely) or, if she's a caster, she could change that hair color.

+ what's ultimate magic for if not to invent your own neat little spells?
Hell, I think it sounds at least like a role-playing investment if your PC had hair complex and wanted to permanentaly change the color of her hair which I see no reason for being able to do with magic as it is. That said....she could also dye it

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Dark blue, purple or green seem possible depending on her mother's race.

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