How damnation stride is supposed to work ?

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I was reading the ARG, and I stumbled upon the Damnation Stride's duration.

Damnation Stride wrote:

Damnation Stride

School: conjuration (teleportation) [fire]
Level: sorcerer/wizard 5, summoner 4, witch 5
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Target: self and creatures within a 10-foot-radius burst (see below)
Duration: 1 minutes/level
Saving Throw: Reflex half, see text; Spell Resistance: no

This spell functions like dimension door, except you leave behind a burst of fire. Choose one corner of your starting square. A 10-foot-radius burst of flame explodes from that corner the moment you leave, dealing 4d6 points of fire damage (Reflex negates).

I made some digging, to check if it was typo, but as this post suggest, it is in fact not.

The poster's suggestion is that the spell can let you use a Dimensional Door each round in compensation to the +1 spell level and the "self only" use. Still, it lacks clarity IMHO.

Furthermore, if someone manage to caught how the spell is supposed to work, I'm curious to know if that spell would work with the Dimensional Agility, and how, as the duration would be quite interesting.


I would at least some opinions on this. An FAQ could be nice too.

It's been asked before and there's no indication that it will ever be officially answered. Just gotta live with it I guess.

It could work any of several ways:

A) You can 'stride' once per round for the duration as a standard action with a verbal component, with no further actions in a given round after the 'stride'.

B) The duration is a typo, and the effect should be considered instantaneous and a one-off.

C) The duration denotes a period during which you can use the effect once.

The first (A) would seem to be the RAW reading, though it does seem pretty over-powered, even with the self-only restriction. Even without the fire effect, this is like casting dimension door perhaps 90 or more times with only a 1 level bump!

The second (B) may be RAI, although this now seems a little under-powered, given the restrictions and level increase. You are only getting a minor 4d6 fire damage for the extra spell level - hardly ever worth it.

The last (C) is only slightly better than (B), but may be the most balanced interpretation.

Since we have no ruling from Paizo, it hungers for a House Ruling. Personally I would go for option (A), but bring the duration down to 1 round per level. The burst of fire implies it is a combat spell, and that is ample duration for such a powerful effect (mobility + damage). Of course, the Dimensional feats should apply here.

Also, this spell (with option A) makes for an excellent and flavoursome SLA for Devils and Demons and the like - I would consider giving them some variation of this (perhaps changing the element where appropriate) as a replacement for another SLA or their teleport at will power.

The duration could also possibly indicate how long the fire effect sticks around?

The save is also inconsistent - the save line says "Reflex half" but the text says "Reflex negates".

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