Vampiric style healing?

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I had an idea for a Half-undead themed race (inspired by a horror movie I recently saw... 5 times in the past 24 hours...) that ONLY heals via a blood drain attack.

So essentially, they have something similar to a blood drain or vampiric touch to heal and/or gain temporary HP but, they also don't heal normally AT ALL.

Would not healing normally at all be a fair trade for having the blood drain (or similar) ability, or would it still cost a lot?

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Are you saying magical healing doesn't work on them? In the form of negative energy?

Cause if you're just talking about replacing natural healing with a "blood drain" effect that's probably just fine.

Also, this isn't a rules question. It's an advice question, or homebrew.

First of all, yeah good point... I'll flag my post for wrong forum... mods... please move it to advice/homebrew!

Then as to your comments, for the most part, that's what I was thinking. Cause in the movie, they were essentially dead. Like vampires (though they didn't have a problem with sunlight nor did they have fangs, but they did have claws... sort of... like many women do... haha) Granted, I'm not looking to make them super-crazy osmosis through the air vampires like they were in the movie, but I kind of got the idea that if they didn't drink blood, they would die and so that was kind of what I was going for.

Though since I've been thinking it might be easier to just make them dhampir, but instead of being the children of a vampire, they are a case of a botched Wish (which really is kinda how it was in the movie... they all were killed in a car wreck and this witch friend of theirs refused to let her girlfriend die, so she resurrected them all... but uh... it didn't work out like she planned) or maybe a lesser version of resurrection that is a cross between animate dead and raise dead... it makes you a half-undead. :D

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