Mystic Shadowwarrior build possibilities...


For a gestalt game, I'd like to play a shadow warrior type: a magic using martial caster that is into "shadow" stuff.

I'm thinking magus/ninja/shadowdancer at the moment...this is for an evil campaign. Only CRB races.

What do ya'll suggest?

Magus / ninja / shadowdancer sounds like the sort of multiclass which doesn't advance enough class features and which you will regret in a few levels. Do you mean magus // ninja / shadowdancer? The double slash is used to show different sides of the gestalt.

If so, it sounds a little MAD but probably doable. Possible swift action conflict between many magus arcana and tricks like vanishing trick or flurry of stars though. Also 'martial' for a gestalt character usually wants better than 3/4 BAB. And, IMO, shadowdancer is no more shadowy than more ninja levels.

How about Arcane Bloodrager // Ninja? Full BAB, casting and ki both based off charisma, less action conflict, and from 4th level you can be automatically blurred when in a bloodrage for that shadowy feel. The metamagic rager archetype might be handy if you want to cast spells silently (besides any triggered just by entering a bloodrage.)

If Advanced Races Guide is allowed: Fetchling or Wayang are shadow themed races. With Fetchling being my preferred race (I am currently playing a Fire/Shadow themed Fetchling in an evil campaign).

If you are not allowed to use that book or those races I think Half-elf might have modicum of flavor (i.e. despised race that lurks in the shadow) and you could spec to be a half Drow to amp up the evil and darkness a notch as well.

I think your build may be difficult because you are combining multiple 3/4s BAB classes... I feel like you will be able to do AWESOME stuff... if you EVER hit (this build puts you at a -3 for BAB progression). If you have a way around that (like a LOT of gold for super weapons OR templates you can get to boost Attack- then COOL!)

If you are looking to play a gish-type player the Inquisitor class has some utility in being able to use magic and hit decently- they get judgments and bane for weapons too which can balance (partially) with a magus spell abilities. That could pair well with a progression into Shadow Dancer.

Alternatively I don't think you would have to pair magus with ninja if you were trying for mystical shadow fighter. ninjas already have that and picking a couple of cool ninja tricks (there is one that makes duplicates, one that makes you invisible) that have mystic/shadowy essence to them.

You may even look at the new Slayer hybrid class to see if that can be appropriately themed (I mention since it has a full BAB).

The shadowdancer was there to easily get and use the dimensional agility feats later, but I see your point.
And yes it's Magus//Ninja with shadowdancer. Was going to level it like this:
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
SD9 SD10
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9 etc.

Since it's gestalt, kinda wierd sticking a PrC in there...

Mythic may come into play, and i'd use that to offset any deficiencies in hitting, if necessary.
I will look at the alternatives though!

OH... Sorry, I didn't realize Gestalt.

I am not sure that the progression is allowed. Typically Gestalt rules prohibit progressing in a Prestige class on both sides. But if you have a house rule then I think you are fine. Hitting may still be a problem (Gestalt foes tend to be SO FRIGGIN AMPED!!!)

My fetchling was having some issues in a recent solo encounter session... To be fair I am level 13 and it was a CR 18 (that I DID solo- so yay me!) but it was a friggin nightmare...

I also roll for crap though... so there is that.

Yeah PrCs and gestalt gets wonky.
I will talk to my RP group about it and see if we can house rule it that way.
I figure if both sides of the gestalt meet the requirements, both sides can help pay for it. We'll see.

I don't think you can advance a class twice as fast by putting it on both sides of a gestalt. That's just not the way gestalt works.

Dimensional Agility. OK, changing my plan.

With one of your ninja tricks take rogue trick: terrain mastery. The plan is now Arcane Bloodrager 6 / Horizon Walker 3 / more Bloodrager // Ninja. You avoid delaying master tricks & sneak attack, you keep full BAB, though admittedly you delay bloodrager class features.

So astral plane for the dimension door effect?

3+ WIS bonus per day horizon walker
32 times per day shadow dancer (320 feet. min of 10 ft per use).

Yep. You don't absolutely have to take the rogue trick for another terrain, but since the skill bonuses increase with each favored terrain it's worth it.

If you want more teleports/day there are various items. Dimensional Agility etc. should apply to them as well as class abilities.

I'll start working up a character with different methods/classes.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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