Warrior: The War Chronicles, Book I


Hi, I haven't posted here in a while except on the miniatures forum, but I have just self-published my epic fantasy novel on Amazon.com as a Kindle ebook.

Here is a link to the page if anyone is interested.

Here is the blurb I wrote to describe the book:

Warrior wrote:
The Testing Time has arrived. The world is falling into darkness. Lirak, a young forest-dwelling stone-chipper has become a pawn in the eternal battle of the Gods. Born of an outsider mother, feared by superstitious villagers, distrusted and resented by his own brother, Lirak must fight back an invading army while learning how to control the destructive powers that boil inside him. Lirak's path from simple stone-age villager to heroic warrior is only the first part of a much longer and more dangerous journey.

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