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For my Mummy's Mask game, I have the intention of introducing a magic sword that I want to custom make. I'm modeling it on the Beaststrike Club.

I'm calling it Sobek's Jaw. It's a +1 Falchion with crocodile teeth set into the blade. Upon command, the damage changes from Slashing to Piercing. I want the weapon to function as a natural bite attack for the purposes of feats and spells as well.

How much do you guys figure such a weapon would cost, and what would the crafting requirements be? What spell would you base it off?

Any help would be appreciated, this is my first magic item I've designed.

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It doesn't seem to be materially different then a Beaststrike Club so I would price it the same.

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I would price it as a Beaststrike Club, but change the required spell from shillelagh to savage maw.

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The only major difference between this and the beaststrike club is the single change (as opposed to 5 settings like the club) and the lack of wild shape applications. Would that significantly alter the price do you think?

And yes to Savage Maw. That spell is pretty on the money.

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