How to best re-create Arthas (Lich King)?


Within the following guidelines how would you best recreate Arthas as the Lich King?
Gestalt rules are allowed.
Core races only.
No 3pp.
CRB, APG and ACG classes allowed.

For those of you who have no idea who I speak of,basically he is a martial/caster who can crate/summon undead (lots).
His powers focus on the unholy and necromantic, although there is alot of disease damage there as well.

I'm leaning Anti-paladin (the undead focused archetype possibly) and either Bones Oracle or Undead bloodline Sorceror.
Wanted to see what the creative minds here can come up with!

Arthas was a Human Paladin of the Holy Light, got an Intelligent and Cursed LE Bastard Sword + X Frost Unholy that Traps the Soul of the slain, and finally don the Armor of a powerful undead Lich, fusing their wills.

Go Human, Str, Cos and Cha are your primary stats, lowish Wisdom and Int ( Arthas was a bit reckless and sometimes didn't thinks on the
situation )
Antipaladin is a perfect choice ( but ask if you can be LE ), they get armor and martial prowess and Animate Dead is on their Spell List.
Knight of the Sepulcher is a good archetype. Or instead ask if you can later become a Graveknight ( and undead warrior with ties on a specific element and a rejuvenate ability on his armor, this fits the theme of the eternal will of the Lich King ) so you can be a straight antipaladin.


Ask your GM if you can Convert some archetypes of the Paladin in their antipaladin version, go for Sacred Servant, choose Death ( Undead ) Domain, for the Divine Bond with the Holy Symbol there is a way to get your sword as a holy symbol i think. Call Celestial Ally is replaced with undead summoning / creating / animating and there you go.

Remember to get an Intelligent LE +X Frost Unholy Bastard Sword/Greatsword with Soul Binding as a Spell-like Ability !

Graveknight is amazing at recreating the vibe of the Lich King, imposing undead warrior in fullplate that can control undead and
use elemental power ( Ice in our case ) in Cone-shaped burst and
in their melee attacks. They don't die easily and can cut off
healing around them.

There is the Agent of the Grave Prestige Class that gives you at Level 5 all the Knowledge to become an undead, and a bonus on all checks related, so you can become a Graveknight even if your GM says otherwise !

Alright, all that sounds good, but what would you choose for the other side of the gestalt?

Also, he doesn't have to be a 100% recreation of Arthas, but a character similar in scope and capability.

Other side of the gestalt? Oracle. Cha synergy, no arcane spell failure, and an excellent spell list for minion mastery. Battle mystery if you want to do most of the fighting yourself, or Juju mystery if you want to have 6 HD worth of minions per CL rather than just 4.

Get 12 intelligence and choose the Spirit Guide archetype for oracle, and you can use the Arcane Enlightenment hex of the Lore spirit to get wizard/sorcerer spells. Most importantly, the 2nd level spell Command Undead. That will boost your minion count even further.

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